Bài thi: Vũ Việt Quang

Hi, I’m Quang, my nickname is Chip. I am currently RMIT senior student. I have been collaborating with many companies to gain as much experience as I could in order to get a decent job in the future. The reason why I would like to participate in this competition is that I want to show everyone what I could do, how I think, how I convey the message in a special, different way which attracts viewers. As you all know, digital media is really popular recently, especially video. So I hope this is a great chance for me to show my skills, my world of imagination.

All those are my best works so far. They convey many meanings to life, everyone could relate themselves in these videos. I hope everyone could enjoy my videos.

Viral Vỉa Hàng – Pedestrian Wellbeing

Mv Cậu Có Vui Không – Klaf (Traditional Version)

Ông Bà Thời @ – Episode 4 – Cơn Lốc Trân Châu

Mv Cậu Có Vui Không – Klaf (Experimental Version)


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