Bài thi: Vũ Việt Quang

Họ và tên: Vũ Việt Quang

Ngày tháng năm sinh: 22/03/1998

Tỉnh/ Thành phố đang sinh sống: TP. HCM

Nơi học tập/ Công tác: Freelancer

Hạng mục dự thi: Cộng đồng

Portfolio: Video


Xin chào các bạn, mình tên là Quang. Mình vừa mới tốt nghiệp khoa Digital Media tại ĐH RMIT Vietnam vào tháng 9 năm ngoái. Hiện tại mình đang là freelance videographer & video editor. Mong muốn của mình khi tham gia cuộc thi này là để kể cho các bạn nghe nhiều câu chuyện thú vị, đầy cảm xúc xung quanh mình và lan tỏa những thông điệp ý nghĩa thông qua góc nhìn của mình. Cảm ơn các bạn đã đọc và các bạn nhớ enjoy video của mình nhé.


Cậu có vui không?

People tend to hide behind ordinary and okay face everyday, but we believe everyone carries a contradictory duality on the inside. Therefore we create an animated character so called “demon” represent human ‘s duality which will narrate audience into the surreal world of the main character’s soul. We want to create a visual world which is open to interpretation for our audience. 

The Igniter Of Ultimate Fris Bee In Saigon

Encouraging young people in Vietnam to exercise. Spreading Ultimate Frisbee and the love to everyone in Vietnam. Come to play Ultimate Frisbee and see how it changes your personal life in various ways e.g. physical, mentality, social life. 

The Wristwatches Repaiman

Wristwatches are not just about time but also stylish fashion or social status. There are plenty of wristwatch shops in Saigon. This story writes about Mr. Dung Nguyen, who was born in Quang Nam province and moved to Saigon to live with his foster father during his childhood. He studied in the oil and gas industry but could not find a suitable job. The 1980s was a boom era for the Hong Kong films in Saigon, he challenged himself as a voice talent for a short of time. However, he finally decided to follow his foster father’s job and settled down his life in trading and repairing wristwatches. As a skilled watch repairer, he opened and ran his wristwatch shop on the busy street nearly opposite Pham Van Hai market for more than 25 years. He understands customers’ needs and tries his best to satisfy them. His smile and his way of talking so gently keeps customers coming back over and over. He is happy with his job and makes enough money to support his wife and 2 daughters.

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